Bodywork for the Whole Person

Science-based and empathic. I'm committed to creating a more expansive, easy sense of possibility within your self, free of pain or limitations.

Move freely. Breathe easy. Enjoy.

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Lake Merritt Studio

In practice since 2002, I pull in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Reflexology as well as Craniosacral Therapy and Feldenkrais® Movement Re-education. Whatever best suits your needs today.

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"She has what few body workers possess – a formal scientific understanding"

"Healing quality extends beyond the physical body"

"Transformative. My attitude about everything in my life has been better since my visit"

Mobile Chair Massage

Stress-relief right where and when you need it most – at work.

I love getting my hands on busy people. And HR loves the benefits too. Licensed and insured for corporate engagements andprivate events. Multiple therapists available.

  • * Boost team morale and decrease stress

  • * Improve creative thinking
  • * Ease "tech neck" and "computer slouch"
  • * Tax-deductible employee benefits


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"Diane helped me to unwind, release and let go of withheld trauma in my body"

"Understands how the nervous system and your emotional body are intertwined"

"Knowledgeable and intuits what you need beyond what you ask for"